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Kim Vo: Firestarter

Filed under: Chelsea Handler,Gomez TV,Legal Issues,Perez Hilton

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Ever since I started this website I was continually getting emails from sources about a big Hollywood Hairdresser that was setting clients hair on fire. Kim Vo — a self-proclaimed “master-colorist” featured on shows like “Extreme Makeover” and “Shear Genius” was setting clients hair on fire in his salons.

A year ago this month a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court (Docket #SC102084), by one of Kim’s clients — an actress named Carly Steele — came to his Beverly Hills salon for a coloring in January 2009. Things were going fine until Carly claims the aluminum foil Kim personally applied and set under a hair dryer began burning her, causing her hair and scalp “to smoke and burn.”

In the suit, Steele claims, “she leapt from the chair” and people tried to remove the foil — but, “they too were unable to remove the scalding and fiery foil and coloring agent which were scorching and sizzling into [Carly’s] hair, scalp and head.

Steel claims she suffered “severe, debilitating and gruesome injuries” and is suing for an undetermined amount for her health care costs, plus other damages.

As of this writing that lawsuit was still weeding it’s way through Los Angeles courts with the next hearing scheduled for April 2010.

Some emails I received also alluded to the fact that Vo had done this to other clients, one name that kept popping up was Chelsea Handler. I tried to confirm this and got nowhere with Handler’s people. Then, on this past Thursday’s (March 18) Chelsea Lately show Chelsea confirmed (See Video Above) she indeed had been burned by Kim Vo. The topic came up at the roundtable because former call girl Ashley Dupree burnt her hair on a Playboy Photo Shoot set. While discussing this Chelsea gushed that she too had her hair burned off and by Kim Vo. She seemed angry too.

Here is my question, these allegations are documented, not alleged. How is it that this guy can continue on doing hair? Aren’t hairdressers licensed? If this was a doctor and he kept hurting people wouldn’t something be done?

Also, to add insult to injury, WTF is Bravo thinking giving this human arsonist a platform on their Shear Genius TV show? Vo is hurting people and hurting them bad. This is insane.

Oh, and don’t look for any news of Kim Vo’s brushfires over at Perezhilton, Vo is Perez’s personal hairstylist.

Posted in: March 22, 2010 at 9:30 am

10 Responses to “Kim Vo: Firestarter”

  1. 10
    váy đầm nữ 2014 hàn quốc Says:

    I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also visit this webpage
    on regular basis to take updated from hottest gossip.

  2. 9
    Fran Says:

    Kim Vo burned my hair right before my wedding. I was a long time client (followed him from Prive to B2V). This happened a while ago, in the early fall of 2001. He blamed it on his new assistant. I was furious at the young girl (he claimed she was abusing pain medication – what?!?!). In hindsight, I was unbelievably naive.

  3. 8
    LoganLSE Says:

    to all the above people talking about how wonderful Kim Vo is… have any of you actually had him color your hair?? No?! I didn’t think so! You cannot make a call on how great he is if A. you’ve never been to his salon and B. you’ve never had him burn your hair…

  4. 7
    Bundle Says:

    Carly Steele is an absolute fraud. She is from Scotland yet walks around with a fully fledged american accent. I wouldn’t trust a word that came out of her mouth! Vo was shocked to find out she had filed a suit. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had put something in the colour while Vo wasn’t looking – she’s clearly just looking for the limelight

  5. 6
    Gomez Hyatt Says:

    Yep these two people deserved to be burned by a pro because as you say one is a struggling actress the other drinks. Got it. What about the 3rd person I’m hearing rumblings of? I guess if Carly Steele or Chelsea Handler went to a doctor and they accidentally harmed them they would have deserved it right?

  6. 5
    lovelylady4 Says:

    Give me a break! This actress Carly Steele girl who is sueing Kim Vo over “burning her hair” is such a crop. She obviously needed some time in the limelight while her career was going down the dumps! (who has EVER heard of this girl?) And Chelsea, how is she REALLY all that credible? She is highly medicated by her IV of Vodka at all times! Kim Vo is a fantastic colorist and is still in business because of his thousands of loyal clients.

  7. 4
    Sandy M Says:

    There is ONLY one guy in Vegas for hair and that is

    Michael Boychuck !!!

    all the others are just well hair dudes…

  8. 3
    Gomez Hyatt Says:

    Bad press? The dude set people on FIRE. There is no disputing that! He hurts people. I don’t think this is good press.

  9. 2
    Firecrotch Says:

    Kim Vo is the number one hairstylist in the country right now. When someone is that “hot” the gossip and press begins, I love him and he is so good at what he does. His Vegas salon is 3rd in the country!
    All bad press is good press. Wonder what people are gonna scam next. Ridic.

  10. 1
    bob Says:

    Bravo should “FIRE” this Kim Vo guy! what an idiot…good work calling him out & holding him & Bravo accountable!

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